Conformity assessment or certification
Refusal letters
Module A according to technical regulations


Conformity assessment body TECKO LTD performs the following works:

Product certification, certification of industrial and construction equipment, audit and certification of management systems (in accordance with DSTU ISO 9001, ISO 9001), certification of energy management systems, energy audit, assessment of product in compliance with the Technical Regulations of Ukraine, technical expertise – is not the full list of our services.

CAB TECKO LTD invites specialists and professionals in the field of certification of products and services living in Kiev or the suburbs, which meet the following requirements.

Basic requirements for professionals:

  • Higher engineering education.
  • Experience in conformity assessment / certification -is required.
  • Confident PC user.
  • Knowledge of English - fluency.
  • Knowledge of the peculiarities of conformity assessment of industrial products to the requirements of the Technical Regulations of Ukraine.
  • Knowledge of the peculiarities of technical examination is desirable.
  • Knowledge of the specifics of certification in the European Union - desirable.
  • Knowledge of the features of product testing in the certification process.
  • Ability to analyze large amounts of information.
  • Ability to work independently and in a team.

Main duties:

  • Consideration of applications for conformity assessment / certification.
  • Making decisions on applications.
  • Assessment of the conformity of industrial products to the requirements of technical regulations of Ukraine.
  • Certification of industrial products.
  • Conducting product tests.
  • Participation in technical expertise of products.
  • Registration of results of work on a PC, work with a database.
  • Application of knowledge of English in contacts with customers, correspondence and paperwork.
  • Provision of consulting services to customers.

Specialization: Certification Specialist, Test Engineer.

Conditions: 5/2 from 9 to 18; salary is negotiable, business trips are possible.

Type of employment: Full-time, Part-time employment (according to the agreed schedule)..

We invite you for an internship with subsequent employment. At the training stage, wages are paid.

Send your CV with a note in the subject line work in CAB “Tecko” to the e-mail: Based on the results of consideration of the resume, an interview is scheduled. The number of hires and internships is limited.