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Mark of conformity

The Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 1184 dated 30.12.2015 "On approval of the form, the description of the mark of conformity to technical regulations, rules and conditions of its application.", was adopted in Ukraine.

Mark of conformity to the technical regulations confirms the conformity to the applicable technical regulations of the marked products. Mark of conformity applies only for the products that are coming under the scope of the technical regulations. Herewith, the marking of the conformity mark to technical regulations is mandatory.

Rules and conditions of the application of the conformity mark to the technical regulations (DCMU № 1184 dated 30.12.2015):

  1. Mark of conformity to the technical regulations (hereinafter - the mark of conformity) applies on the product or on its plate to the technical data, in the way to be visible, legible and indelible. In case if it is impossible or unreasonable due to the nature of products, conformity mark should be applied on the packaging and on the accompanying documents, if such documents are provided by appropriate technical regulation.
  2. Mark of conformity applies before adoption the product. Mark of conformity may be accompanied by an icon or any other mark indicating to the special risk or use.
  3. Mark of conformity accompanies by the identification number of the designated conformity assessment body, if such a body has been involved in the production control phase (conducted the works on the conformity assessment, for the TECKO Ltd it is number 006).

The identification number of the designated conformity assessment body applies by the body itself or, under its instructions, by the manufacturer or authorized representative.

The location of body’s identification number is not regulated by the Decision (usually, the number locates on the right side of the mark or under it).

Description of the mark of conformity to the technical regulations (DCMU № 1184 dated 30.12.2015):

  1. Mark of conformity to the technical regulations is in the form of an open circle on the right side, inside of which the stylized image of a shamrock. The length of the circle gap is 0.22 of its total length (or 80 degrees).
  2. Images of a mark of conformity may be flat or raised, and performed by two contrasting colors.
  3. The height of the mark of conformity should not be less than 5 millimeters, if otherwise does not provided by the applicable technical regulations.
  4. In case of decrease or increase the size of the mark of conformity, the proportions of its shape must be observed.

Sample of conformity mark:


If you have already completed the conformity assessment of your production in our body (CAB "TECKO"), you can use our template UA.TR.006 or 006 for the marking.

Notes: If the CAB establishes that the conformity mark is used in violation of the requirements of the law, the CAB sends a letter to the manufacturer or its authorized representative with a warning about the incorrect use of the mark, the manufacturer or a representative authorized by him must take measures to stop the violation, bring the certified products in compliance with the requirements, specified in the technical regulations, and confirm such compliance with an official letter, and visual evidence within 1 months after receiving the letter. If the correct application of the mark of conformity with technical regulations has not been proved, the CAB informs the manufacturer or authorized representative of the suspension of the certificate until the discrepancy is eliminated and takes measures to limit or prohibit the commissioning of such equipment and ensure its withdrawal from circulation.