Conformity assessment or certification
Refusal letters
Module A according to technical regulations

General information

The conformity assessment body TECKO LTD carries out certification and conformity assessment activities guided by the standards:

  • DSTU EN ISO/IEC 17021-1:2017 «Conformity assessment. Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems. Part 1. Requirements»;
  • DSTU EN ISO/IEC 17065:2014 «Conformity assessment. Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services».

TECKO LTD as an independent conformity assessment body (CAB) fully understands that a prerequisite for carrying out works that deserve public confidence is to ensure impartiality and its perception as an impartial body for all interested parties. TECKO LTD has developed an impartiality policy.

A detailed description of the activities for the initial conformity assessment and subsequent certification, including the application, initial audits, surveillance audits; the process for the provision, support, reduction, expansion, suspension, cancellation of certification and re-certification are described in the procedures for certification and conformity assessment OC-03 “Procedure for certification (assessment) of the QMS”, OC-06 “Procedure for assessing the conformity of products to technical requirements regulations. General description of procedures”, OC-08 “Procedure for voluntary assessment of product conformity”. The procedure for certification and conformity assessment is presented in the structural diagram.

In case of suspension of certification, the decision to renew the validity of the certificate of conformity is made only if all nonconformities identified during the assessment period are eliminated and the implementation of corrective actions is checked by the CAB (on-site visit or other appropriate forms of assessment), as well as, if all problematic issues, the result of which the suspension was resolved. Failure to resolve problematic issues resulting in suspension, within the timeframe set by the CAB, results in the cancellation of certification or the reduction in the scope of certification.

When the scope of certification is reduced, the CAB cancels the current certificate and issues a new one with the current scope of certification, as well as makes all the necessary adjustments to the related documents. In case of temporary suspension, cancellation, the certified client must stop using all advertising materials containing any references to certification, as well as stop labeling products with the conformity mark. In the event of a reduction in the scope of certification, the certified client carries out the above-described activities in the areas of certification (products or services) that have been reduced.

The application is submitted free of charge. Payment for conducting, maintaining certification, and conducting re-certification is carried out by bank transfer. The cost of work is established in accordance with the procedure PR2.6-01 "Methodology for calculating the cost of work, conclusion of a contract", which is developed taking into account the "Rules for determining the cost of work to assess compliance with the requirements of technical regulations, are carried out by designated conformity assessment bodies and recognized independent organizations" approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 514 dated July 12, 2017.

Certification body's requirements for prospective clients to comply with certification requirements, take all necessary steps to conduct audits, including provisions for reviewing documentation and access to all processes and sites, records and personnel for initial certification, oversight, re-certification and grievance redress, if necessary, the presence of observers (eg. accreditation auditors or trainee auditors) is specified in the license / certification agreement (F3.1-11, F3.1-12, F3.1-20, F3.1-03), which the client signs together with the contract for carrying out works on certification or conformity assessment.

Rights and obligations of certified clients, including requirements, in case of reference to certification in any means of communication, specified in the license / certification agreement.

The client has the right to apply to the certification and conformity assessment body TECKO LTD with a complaint or appeal, on the conduct and decision of the body to grant certification, reduction of the industry, suspension or cancellation of certificates. The grievance and appeal process is described in PR4.1-02, Grievance and Appeal Handling.

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