Conformity assessment or certification
Refusal letters
Module A according to technical regulations

Testing for certification

Certification tests of product samples are carried out in cases of certifying products according to modules B, G, F and during the final inspection (or, if necessary, in other cases). Certification tests are conducted by a testing laboratory accredited in Ukraine in the prescribed manner. Our laboratory has the authority to conduct certification tests of products - Certificate of certification testing laboratory "TECKO" №20423.

The scope of accreditation of TECKO testing laboratory is focused on the scope of CAB "TECKO", in particular, tests are conducted to certify the following products:

  • Lifts and safety components for lifts;
  • Appliances burning gaseous fuels;
  • Hot-water boilers fired with liquid or gaseous fuels;
  • Equipment for explosive atmospheres (ATEX);
  • Pressure equipment;
  • Simple pressure vessels;
  • Transportable pressure equipment;
  • Machinery;
  • Construction products, buildings and structures;
  • Personal protective equipment of workers (PPE).

The representative of conformity assessment body (CAB "TECKO") or "TECKO" testing laboratory takes samples (samples) of products for testing and receives technical documentation for them. The composition of the technical documentation is established by the CAB and the relevant technical regulations. The number of samples to be tested and the rules for their selection shall be established by the CAB.

Sampling is carried out in the presence of the applicant and is made out by the act of sampling. An act of identification of samples is also drawn up, which confirms the conformity of the samples to the type of product declared for certification. The applicant shall deliver the product samples selected for testing to the testing laboratory and return them after the testing at his own expense.

If the product is large or non-transportable, or requires on-site installation, or requires the use of unique test equipment, etc., certification tests may be performed at the manufacturer using its test equipment and measuring equipment, which must meet the established requirements. The tests must be carried out by test laboratory specialists.

For some products, such as elevators, large boilers, etc. tests are carried out at the installation site after assembly and adjustment of products.

In the case of positive test results, the test reports shall be transmitted to the CAB. In case of negative results on at least one of the indicators, certification tests are terminated. Information about negative results is passed to the applicant and the CAB. Retests may be carried out only after a new application has been submitted and convincing evidence has been provided to the CAB that the enterprise has taken corrective action to eliminate the causes of the non-compliance.

TECKO testing laboratory also performs tests according to the voluntary scope of the TECKO Certification Body and at the request of other CABs with which our laboratory has concluded cooperation agreements.