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The Free Trade Area Agreement (FTA) between Ukraine and the European Union entered into force on January 1, 2016.

According to the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine, the FTA eliminates 97% of tariffs on Ukrainian goods and provides for a reduction in the average tariff for Ukrainian exports from 7.6% to 0.5%. However, it is only a matter of removing customs tariffs, but technical barriers remain. Thus, the products of a Ukrainian manufacturer that fall within the scope of, for example, European directives, can not enter the EU market without conformity assessment with the requirements of these directives and CE marking.

Similarly, products from EU countries cannot be placed on the Ukrainian market without the conformity assessment of these products with the requirements of technical regulations of Ukraine, and in some cases its commissioning requires additional verification of compliance with other applicable regulations, such as labor protection.

This situation will exist until the signing of agreements on the removal of technical barriers. At the same time, conformity assessment bodies with the status of “notified bodies” should appear in Ukraine, which will have the right to carry out conformity assessment works for Ukrainian manufacturers under these directives, which will allow them to affix the CE marking.

Through tariff liberalization, cheap European goods will appear on our market, for which additional import duty will be canceled from 01/01/2016. You need to be prepared that a decrease in import duties on European products will lead to an increase in their share in the domestic market of Ukraine, and, consequently, to an increase in competition in the domestic market of Ukraine.

Given the fact that the Russian market is gradually virtually closed for our goods, and from 01.01.2016 the FTA is abolished in the supply of goods from Ukraine to Russia, it is extremely important for Ukrainian manufacturers to seriously assess their products to the requirements of directives and standards in force in the European Union. If the Ukrainian producer ensures compliance with these requirements related to the safety of goods, as well as ensures the quality and reliability of products, then, taking into account the devaluation of the hryvnia, goods produced in Ukraine will become quite competitive in the EU market. In addition, it will be a product made in the EU!

In accordance with the FTA Agreement, Ukrainian manufacturers will have to introduce European standards within seven years, and it is also stipulated that Ukrainian companies will be able to participate in public procurement in EU countries. European standards (EN) are currently being introduced in Ukraine by application, that is, in the original language and we have DSTU EN, as a rule in English (standards in German and French are also considered equivalent in Europe). In the near future, in this way, all standards will be adopted, ensuring the presumption of compliance with the European directives of the new approach, and you also need to be ready for this.

Our path to the European Union is impossible without high quality and safety of products manufactured in Ukraine, without conformity assessment of products with the requirements of EU standards, especially the current directives.

The task of the state is to create favorable economic conditions for the growth of our economy, including assistance in the partial repayment of costs (often quite significant) for the certification of products in the European Union.

The task of our organization is to provide Ukrainian producers with comprehensive assistance in passing the procedures of the conformity assessment of products to the requirements of EU standards. For this, we offer you the following:

  1. Training on the basic requirements of EU directives, including the introduction of products into circulation in the EU market on the basis of applications received. Groups and seminar plans are formed by product types in accordance with the scope of the directives.
  2. Individual counseling after training or independently.
  3. Conducting the conformity assessment of products to the requirements of Ukrainian technical regulations, harmonized with European directives. A list of technical regulations from our scope of accreditation is given in our business card. At the same time (or independently of the Ukrainian certification), we can organize conformity assessment work in conjunction with the notified bodies of the European Union, with which we have signed cooperation agreements (see Partners).

Conformity assessment body TECKO is already actively providing such assistance to Ukrainian manufacturers of pressure equipment, machines, etc.

Conformity assessment body "TECKO" can issue up to 5 certificates on the basis of one audit:

  • For the quality management system DSTU ISO 9001 in the Ukrainian certification system in accordance with accreditation in the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine (NAAU), under the requirements of the Technical Regulations of Ukraine, as well as a certificate for ISO 9001 - which is recognized in the EU countries - as a result, possibly obtaining three certificates for the management system;
  • During the testing of product samples in the audit, it is also possible to obtain two certificates for products: for the requirements of the Technical Regulations of Ukraine and for voluntary certification.

We can organize the European certification of the above type of product under the directives (decisions) of the European Union within the framework of one audit, together with a notified European body.

Successful completion of the procedures for the conformity assessment of products to the requirements of European directives allows the manufacturer to mark their products with the CE marking and bring them to the EU market.