Conformity assessment or certification
Refusal letters
Module A according to technical regulations

Information about canceled certificates

1. The owners of the certificates do not have the right to use the canceled certificates, or use any links to certification / conformity assessment in the CAB "TECKO" and mark the products with the conformity mark when the certificates are canceled.

2. Certificates are canceled in the following cases:

  • If the customer did not pay the invoice for the performed work, that was issued in accordance with the signed contract, within a month from the date of receipt of the certificate.
  • If, within the planned timeframe, the customer did not perform the necessary actions to conduct a supervisory audit in accordance with the License Agreement, namely:
    - the response to the corresponding letter from the CAB "TECKO" was not received within a month,
    - conditions for sampling for control tests are not created,
    - supervision is not organized,
    - the invoice for the supervision work has not been paid.
  • If changes to the certified products have been made without prior agreement with the CAB "TECKO", which can significantly affect its compliance with the requirements of the regulatory documents for which it was certified.
  • If, during the validity of the certificate, irrefutable evidence has been obtained that the certified products do not meet the requirements for which they were certified and / or are dangerous to human health or their property.
  • If certified products have not been produced for more than 6 months.
  • At the request of the customer.