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Conformity assessment according to Technical regulations

Technical regulations of Ukraine in the field of activity of the Conformity Assessment Body TECKO LTD. (№ UA.TR.006):

We will do our best to ensure that the conformity assessment procedure according to the given Technical regulations passes for you as quickly and comfortably as possible. Here you can submit an application / request for a conformity assessment.

The following table shows Technical regulations for which the CAB TECKO LTD has extensive experience (had authority for previous versions of Technical regulations), and the Testing Laboratory of TECKO LTD is accredited for a group of products included in these Technical regulations.

Technical regulations of Ukraine fall under the Law of Ukraine "On Technical Regulations and Conformity Assessment", which defines the legal and organizational principles of development, adoption and application of technical regulations and their procedures for conformity assessment, as well as voluntary conformity assessment.

This Law regulates relations arising in connection with the development and adoption of technical regulations and the conformity assessment procedures provided for by them, their application in relation to products that are put into circulation, marketed or put into operation in Ukraine, and also regulates voluntary conformity assessment.

According to this Law: technical regulation is a normative legal act, which defines the characteristics of products or related processes and methods of production, including the relevant administrative provisions, compliance with which is mandatory. It may also include or relate exclusively to requirements for terminology, packaging, marking or labeling to the extent that they apply to the product, process or method of production.

The technical regulation contains rules and forms of conformity assessment, conformity assessment schemes, which are determined taking into account the potential hazard of the product. Conformity assessment schemes are based on modular principles, which are enshrined in the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 13.01.2016 №95 "On approval of conformity assessment modules used to develop conformity assessment procedures and rules for using conformity assessment modules". This Resolution establishes and describes the applicable conformity assessment modules. At the same time, this resolution is aimed at creating the same type of conformity assessment procedures. You can read more about the modules in the mentioned Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The technical regulations of Ukraine are harmonized with the directives of the new approach of the European Union in terms of technical requirements and conformity assessment procedures.

Compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations is mandatory. The main safety requirements for potentially hazardous equipment are given in the technical regulations. There are technical regulations that set requirements for equipment efficiency.

More specific product requirements are given in the standards. Under each Technical Regulation, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine publishes lists of standards, the voluntary application of which is perceived as confirmation of product compliance with requirements of the Technical Regulation. In this case, the products may not meet the requirements of the standards for some items (or in general, or manufactured without standards), and the task of the designated conformity assessment body to assess the conformity of products to the requirements of the Technical Regulations.